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Property & Casualty Insurance Agent




Analyze. Advise. Recommend.


 The day-to-day of a P&C Insurance Agent

First, they identify the client’s insurance needs. Then, they research the perfect kind of protection offered by their employer. Lastly, they suggest protection appropriate for the client’s needs. All clients are different and so property and casualty insurance agents have a variety of cases. There are many exciting challenges: this job is dynamic and diverse.




P&C Insurance agents are fine analysts, outstanding advisors and good salespeople.



Insurance Companies: in a call center, in a branch, or on the road from time to time.


 Skills Needed

  • Sense of customer service
  • Sales skills
  • Communication skills
  • Planning and organization
  • Analytical skills

 Prerequisites to become a P&C Insurance Agent

Earn a representative’s certificate in P&C Insurance issued by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)

Learn more about the steps you need to follow to earn a certificate, which include minimal training and exams.

Did you know?

The risks of insuring a dog owner are different than those of insuring a snake owner. P&C insurance agents should have an accurate image of their clients in order to offer them the most appropriate protection for their particular situation.

Find out more about the training for P&C Insurance Agent.

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“In property and casualty insurance we never stop learning—every file is unique. Every day I feel like I’m providing a service for people who rely on me to get some peace of mind.”

  Jean-Grégory Destin
  Trainer and Personal Property and Casualty Insurance Agent

“The opportunities for advancement are also huge. My own track is a proof of this.” 

  Mathieu Boucher
  Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance Agent


Do you have any advice for people interested in this profession?

“Don’t hesitate to join this field! And definitely don’t listen to the prejudice people have about it! I would have never thought that these professions could be so exciting and that I would work with such passionate people.”

  Nathalie Bissonnette
  Personal Property and Casualty Insurance Agent