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Property & Casualty Insurance Broker



Assess. Advise. Recommend.


  The day-to-day of a P&C Insurance broker

Above all, they analyze their clients’ needs. They work and negotiate with different insurers to find the best product for their client. They advise their clients and make recommendations.

Notice to entrepreneurs: this is the perfect job to start your own practice. Business development enthusiasts will also feel excited about being able to build their own clientele.



This is someone who is good at listening, attentive, and who uses their expertise to give sound advice.



Brokerage firms: your own or your employer’s


  Skills needed

  • Sense of customer service
  • Sales skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Planning and organization

  Prerequisites to become a P&C Insurance broker

Earn a representative’s certificate in Damage Insurance issued by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)

Did you know?

Broker remuneration differs from one firm to another. P&C Insurance brokers may be paid exclusively on commission or they might have a fixed salary with a commission share.

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“P&C Insurance is an extremely varied field. You can specialise in a specific sector such as real estate, agriculture or technology, and more. Being able to develop a clientele in the sector that interests you is one of the biggest advantages of the profession.”
Maxime Poulin
Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance Broker
Executive Vice President
“One of the challenges for brokers is being able to adapt and to change first. For example, we’ve seen significant changes with the sharing economy (AirBnb, Uber, etc.) and technological advances (online payment, the use of big data, purchasing insurance online, etc.). We have to constantly be up to date but we also have to adapt to each client and each situation.”
Alex Stringer
Property and Casualty Insurance Broker