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The Coalition pour une relève en assurance de dommages

The Coalition pour une relève en assurance de dommages is a non-profit organisation and was created in January 2002 at the initiative of the whole industry.


Interest more candidates in career opportunities in damage insurance and enhance the image of professionals working in this industry.

In order to carry out its mission, the Coalition …

Brings together future professionals at major events such as the National Education Fair and the Immigration and Integration Fair in Quebec.

Its website, prosdelassurance.ca, is a benchmark in information about careers in property and casualty insurance.

Connects you with counsellors and teachers so that they have all the information necessary to give skilled candidates advice about careers in the industry.

Has produced tools to help candidates find out if they have the profile for a career in the industry, including the orientation test, Do you and insurance click?

Brings together a board of directors made up of different players in the industry and with approximately 140 member companies each year. It makes a point to represent the whole property and casualty insurance industry in all of its initiatives.

Surveys the companies in the industry about the workforce needs. The data gathered is necessary to illustrate workforce challenges.

Meets twice a year and works continuously with the 30 teaching institutions that offer the AEC in Damage Insurance and the DEC in Insurance Financial advisory services and Insurance Services to ensure that the courses meet the market’s needs.

Brings together the DEC and AEC students to help orient them and to encourage them to pursue their studies.

Organizes a yearly recruiting activity, since 2013, called Speed Jobbing in partnership with the Journal de l’assurance as part of the “Journée de l’assurance de dommages”, which allows fifteen companies to meet about one hundred candidates.

Check out the Coalition’s annual report to find out more about its initiatives. (in French only)

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