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Career for university graduates

Employers in the Property & Casualty (P&C) Insurance sector greatly value candidates with university degrees. Perhaps, at the beginning of your studies you never considered P&C Insurance but you’d be surprised about the number of career opportunities available!

With a degree in business administration, management, finance, actuarial science, you can work in an industry offering many opportunities for the future.

Are you rather specialized in law, human resources, technology, communications, marketing, accounting? The P&C Insurance sector is looking for specialized candidates such as you for the stimulating challenges it has to offer.

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Are you seeking professional development?

Insurance Institute of Canada (IIC)

Offers professional education to help professionals develop and maintain their skills.
CIP (Chartered Insurance Professional)
FCIP (Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional)
  • 97% of employers state that they help employees who take the Chartered Insurance Professional1 program in one way or another.
  • $8,000 is the average amount more that CIP holders earn annually compared to their colleagues with comparable experience who don’t hold the CIP title2.
  • 80% of employees believe that the CIP title improves their career prospects3.

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Global Risk Management Institute Inc.

Grants the designation : CRM (Canadian Risk Management)

“In the advent of the digital age, P&C Insurance is no exception and universities that know how to take new opportunities from technological progress will be destined for a bright future. Expertise tailored to current issues will be highly valued by the 900 employers throughout the province.”

Alex Stringer

Property and Casualty Insurance Broker

University Degree in Administration with a focus on Risk Management

“I just finished my degree in public communication but I wanted to use my sales and management skills. So it has been a happy coincidence: I saw an ad for a P&C Insurance agent position, I applied, and everything happened very quickly. Why property and casualty insurance? Why not.”

Alicia Bedrossian-Baillargeon

Personal Property and Casualty Insurance Agent

University Degree in Public Communication

“After completing my degree in international relations at Concordia University I never dreamed of having a career in P&C Insurance. I had an opportunity and I chose to pursue a career as an analyst underwriter.”

Sabrina Hadjloum
Analyst Underwriter

University Degree in International Relations
1- Conference Board du Canada. Conference Board of Canada 2015 report.
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